junior skirt back

Stitch Down Pleat Skirt – Junior and Senior



Junior Skirt DL974 Half elastic waistband

Senior Skirt DL972 Button and zip fastening at the back

If the senior skirt has internal elastic be sure to keep one side buttoned up whilst tightening the other side or you will lose the elastic.



Product Description

Machine washable. Do not tumble dry

Additional Information


6-7, 8-9 W23.5 L17, 9-10 W24.5 L18, 11-12 W25.5 L18, 12-13 W26.5 L20, W22″ L18″, W22″ L20″, W22″ L22″, W24″ L18″, W24″ L20″, W24″ L22″, W26″ L18″, W26″ L20″, W26″ L22″, W26″ L24″, W28″ L18″, W28″ L20″, W28″ L22″, W28″ L24″, W30″ L20″, W30″ L22″, W30″ L24″, W32″ L20″, W32″ L22″, W32″ L24″, W34″ L20″, W34″ L22″, W34″ L24″, W36″ L22″, W36″ L24″, W38″ L22″, W38″ L24″