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Bohunt Girls Skirt


Junior and Senior skirts

Black badged skirt especially made for Bohunt School

Skirts come in different waist and length measurements.

They are required to be worn on the knee.

Out of Stock 24/18

Junior Skirts have a half elastic waistband.  Senior skirts have zip & button fastening.

If the skirt has internal elastic be sure to keep one side buttoned up whilst tightening the other side or you will lose the elastic. The elastic must not be pulled in more than 2 buttonholes either side or it will put it under too much strain and it will break.

Skirt size 24/18 is currently out of stock.


Product Description

These come in varying lengths for each waist size and the required length is just on the knee.


Additional Information


6-7, 8-9 W23.5 L17, 9-10 W24.5 L18, 11-12 W25.5 L18, 12-13 W26.5 L20, W22″ L18″, W22″ L20″, W22″ L22″, W24″ L20″, W24″ L22″, W26″ L18″, W26″ L20″, W26″ L22″, W28″ L18″, W28″ L20″, W28″ L22″, W28″ L24″, W30″ L20″, W30″ L22″, W30″ L24″, W32″ L20″, W32″ L22″, W32″ L24″, W34″ L20″, W34″ L22″, W34″ L24″, W36″ L22″, W36″ L24″, W38″ L22″, W38″ L24″