Planet Friendly Clothes

Here at Clova we are glad to stock many items made from organic materials and fabrics from sustainable sources.

One of our suppliers, Thought, formally Braintree, have made a point of only using materials and manufacturing processes that are kind to the planet.

Thought are proud to produce ethically sourced clothes from sustainable sources. They use hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, wool, rayon, tencel and what they describe as pre loved polyester.

 Chevly print organic cotton blouse

Breathable Bamboo

Strong, yet silky soft to touch, bamboo boasts a wonderful ability to recognise your needs; cooling you down or warming you up when you need it most.


Grown and woven with every effort to protect the planet, hemp is super-strong, yet soft on your skin. Over time, it becomes softer still, so the more you wear it, the more you’ll want to.



Apart from being 100% natural, wool has many wonderful benefits. It’s all down to its thermal insulation properties – meaning that this naturally smart fabric will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.


Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is so much better for the environment – it’s grown without the use of synthetic fertilisers and harmful pesticides, and makes for better soil for future crops. Kind on skin as well as the planet.


Pre-loved Polyester

Rather than throwing plastic bottles into landfill, they rescue and re-work them into extremely strong and incredibly soft fabric to turn unwanted things into love-forever clothing.


Nature’s friend rayon

Pulp from responsibly grown tree plantations is spun into super-strong fibres to make Rayon – a reimagined yarn that’s incredibly soft, durable and crease-resistant. So less ironing, less energy used and more time for you!


Tree-friendly Tencel

Responsibly sourced wood is collected from sustainable tree farms and broken down into fibres to make Tencel. It’s then lovingly transformed into the most comfortable clothes around that drape beautifully and feel great on the skin.