First for Uniform

At Clova we pride ourselves on selling top quality school uniform – whether it be a school blazer, a pair of trousers or just socks …  you’ll find they will last longer, wash better and fit better too.   On top of that shopping locally has its advantages – with no fuel or parking costs (nor the inevitable snacks if you trek into one of the bigger towns nearby) you’ll soon find you’re saving!  (Watch out for Ozzy’s Café and the Lion’s Den though – both very tempting while you’re in the area and of course Dylan’s isn’t far away!!)

We also pride ourselves on getting the right fit.  It’s all about comfort and staying smart.  Sadly, due to Covid 19 restrictions, we aren’t able to allow fittings at the moment but we ARE now allowing one person (or family) in the shop at a time and we can hold items up to gauge the correct size.  If we do get it wrong then we will happily exchange.

Finally, we pride ourselves on our smiles … we may be wearing masks (as our customers also will have to) but we are always smiling underneath and we’re delighted to help you find the best uniform for your child.