First for Uniform

Clova in Wey Hill is open from 11.30am-5pm Mon-Fri and 11.30am-3pm on Saturday.  Please wear a mask – no entry to the shop without one.

Only one person or household at a time may be in the shop.  We can’t allow full fittings I’m afraid but we can hold garments up to gauge the correct size so there is no longer any need to order online and you are able to try blazers.

We pride ourselves on selling top quality uniform – whether it’s a blazer, pair of trousers or just socks – you’ll find they last longer, wash better and fit better too.  Shopping locally has advantages too – no fuel or parking costs you’ll soon find you’re saving!  (Watch out for Ozzy’s Café and the Lion’s Den though – both tempting whilst your in the area and of course Dylan’s Ice Cream Parlour isn’t far away!)

The Rodborough Shop is open in term times from 2.30-4.30pm on Tues & Wed.  (check for changes during half terms and holiday).  At Rodborough again we are unable to offer full fittings but can hold up uniform to get the right size.  Blazers may be tried on to get a good fit.  Again, we are only able to allow one person or household into the shop at any one time and you may only enter if you are wearing a mask.